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Title: German Sucks
Pairing: Domorli
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Um, German fucking sucks...or that's what Orlando thinks...
Disclaimer: it's all the truth. I saw it *nods*
AN: Written for cellar_door267 who requested something like this...
AN2: this is the hottest smuttastic scen i've ever written O_O enjoy punks

Orlando groaned as the third failed test was put on his desk in front of him. He was never going to make it out of this course passing. Stupid fucking German. He sighed and put his head in his hands. He felt someone tap his shoulder. Dominic, he was the only one who sat behind him. Dominic made Orlando’s stomach flutter and then start to churn with a new kind of heat. Dominic was gorgeous in his own way. Not to mention the little fuck came from Berlin. Stupid bloody army brat.

Orlando turned around, staring into those perfect blue-gray eyes. “What, Dom?”

“How’d ya do?”


“Shit man, didn’t you make like a 20 the week before and then the test before that a bloody 30?”


“You need some help, mate.”

“And where am I gonna get that?”

Orlando was fed up with the conversation and rolled his eyes. He turned his back on Dominic and went to work staring at the clock, wishing the bell would ring and he could go to archery. Something he was bloody well good at...well...besides being a bottom boy and sucking dick.

Dominic nudged Orlando again. “I can help you mate.”


“How about I give you lessons. No charge at all.”

“I’d feel bad, Dom.”

“Why? You’d get free German lessons from someone who lived in Germany for 12 years and you’d probably pass you’re bloody class and get that perfect grade you’ve been aiming for and on the Dean’s List.”

“It wouldn’t do any good, Dom.”

“Are you sure?”


“Come on, you don’t have an ArchTourney this weekend do you?”


“Then how about I come over...”

“Parents have something planned...”

“Then you come over to my place Friday night and I’ll give you a crash course on basics and conjugation.”

“Fuck conjugation. I can’t get that if I tried.”

“You will. Just come over, mate.”

Dominic handed him a piece of paper as the bell rang and winked at him. “See ya there...Orli.”

Orlando’s stomach fluttered as Dominic branded him with a nickname. Now he was definitely going to Dominic’s on Friday night.


Orlando went to his house Friday afternoon and informed his parents he was gonna be spending the night at a friends. They blew him off and he glared, going up to his room and gathering some things. He grabbed his German book and stuffed it in his bag, grumbling about having to go to some bloke he really liked’s house and not get to fuck him but get to talk about bloody German.

He headed over to Dominic’s and stared at the gorgeous house. Dominic was almost a full month older than him, he was shorter by almost five inches and he had a rather built frame. He had brown hair that he put some blonde in all the time, his eyes were a very pretty blue-gray. Orlando knocked on the door of the beautiful house.

Some guy he didn’t know opened it with a grin. Orlando was full aware that Dominic lived with someone who wasn’t his parent, but he just expected it to be his uncle or someone like that. He hadn’t expected someone only 8 years his senior. The man who looked to be around the same height as Dominic but was thinner had very captivating crystal green eyes.

Orlando caught himself staring and blushed. “, I’m here to see Dominic? Supposed to be spending the night.”

The man nodded and with a very thick Scottish accent said, “Come in, come in. Dominic’s expecting you. Names Billy. You’re Orlando right?”

Orlando nodded and walked into the house. “Nice place.”

“Thank you.”

Billy shut the door and went back to buttoning his shirt. “I won’t be here until rather late night. Hot date...if you catch my meaning.”

Billy winked at Orlando, considering how pretty of a man he was. Dominic hadn’t lied. Orlando nodded. “So where’s Dom?”

“Dommie’s upstairs in his room. Last room on your right.”

Orlando nodded and headed up to Dominic’s room. He tapped the door with his hand, no answer. He turned the knob and nearly staggered back at the loud sound of the music that came through. He peeped around the door and noticed the bathroom door was open and the bathroom was rather steamy. He bit his lip. “Dominic?”

“Orlando?” Came from the bathroom.

“Yup! Billy sent me up.”

“Have a seat on the bed.”

Orlando came in and dropped his bag at the foot of the bed in the mess that apparently was supposed to serve as Dominic’s living space. Orlando arched his eyebrow at the mess and sat on Dominic’s very comfy full-size bed. He leaned against the headboard, his feet hanging off the edge.

Dominic came out in a towel. “Hey, mate. What’s up?”

Orlando’s voice caught in his throat. He stared at the water that dripped down from Dom’s hair and slipped down his neck and along his spine. The water dripped down and out of sight under the towel. Orlando snapped out of his small reverie. “Fine. Just not looking forward to studying German.”

He ended with an almost hallow sounding chuckle. “We don’t have to do it tonight. I was hoping you could stay till Sunday?”

“Of course...”

“Good. We can do German tomorrow and get to know each other a wee bit better tonight.”

Dominic dropped his towel. Orlando had to suppress a groan and a gasp of wanting. He stared at Dominic’s fairly perfect ass. Dominic slipped on his baggy sweats and then pulled on a T-shirt. He turned and grinned at Orlando. “Get comfortable mate. Consider this a home away from home!”

Orlando nudged his shoes off and then pulled his sweatshirt off. Dominic licked his lips and the brief peak of brown abdomen he got to see. He grinned at Orlando. “Rented
some movies, got some popcorn, sodas and Billy gave me money for pizza.”

“Wicked, mate.”

Dominic grinned. “Got video games too. Billy spoils me!”

“Speaking of Billy...”

“How do I know him?”

Orlando nodded.

“I went up to Glasgow and did some stage acting with him, he offered to take me from my parents and get me down here into some theater schools. And here we are!”

Orlando chuckled at him. “I didn’t know where to put my bag...” He nodded at his pack at the end of the bed. Dominic observed it and pretended to think. “Eh, There’s as good
a place as any mate.”

Orlando laughed and got up to put his shoes near his bag. “You’re a neat freak?”

Orlando nodded at him. “I also don’t want some strange creature eating my shoes and my things...however, it can consume my German book, no problem.”

Dominic laughed. “It’s not that hard, mate. You’re just making it that way.”

Orlando rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”


About eleven Orlando tossed the controller of the Playstation at Dominic. “You bloody wanker! I hate you. You cheat.”

“I do not! You just suck ass at this game.”

They both started to laugh. Orlando stared at Dominic and rested against the bed. “Whatcha thinking about, mate?” Dominic inquired.

Orlando shook his head and pushed his curls back away from his face. “Nothing, Dom.”

Dominic reached over and tugged one of the pieces of hair. “Hey!”

“What? I just wanted to touch it.”

“Touch but don’t pull. Good grief, mate.”

Dominic chuckled and moved closer, playing with the soft brown curls. “It’s like silk, Orli.”

Orlando suppressed the chill that slipped up his spine at the combination of hearing the new nickname slid off of Dominic’s lips in that Manchester-mixed-with-German accent and the feel of his fingers deftly curling in his hair. Orlando shrugged instead of doing what he wanted to do, which involved no clothes and something about a male member in various orifices.

Dominic grinned and kissed Orlando’s cheek. “Ice cream!” He got up and ran downstairs. Orlando made his lead feeling legs lift him off the floor and downstairs. Orlando hopped on the counter and stared at Dominic has he scooped one bowl of ice cream. One bowl of ice cream.

Orlando went to protest but when his mouth opened Dominic slipped the ice cream laden spoon into his mouth. Orlando took the mouthful, let it set in his mouth a few seconds, relishing in the taste of the chocolate on his tongue before wallowing. “Dominic...”


“Don’t I get my own bowl?”

Dominic chuckled and went upstairs, licking the spoon clean of his first bite of the ice cream. Orlando followed him, utterly confused by the strange antics of his friend. He sat down on Orlando’s bed, back against the headboard. Dominic sat on the bed and straddled his hips.

Orlando’s eyebrows shot up. “Just feeding you, mate.”

Dominic wriggled his eyebrows and fed him another bite of ice cream. “Okay...”

Orlando watched Dominic’s every move. Finally Dominic spoke again. “You ever had a girlfriend?”

“Yeah, two, didn’t really work out with ‘em.”


“Yeah, um...yeah.”

“What is it mate? You can tell me anything.”

“It’s nothing.”

“You sleep with ‘em?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t ever any good...”

“Oh, mate that sucks.”

Silence fell between the two of them. Dominic watched Orlando and fed him another spoonful of the chocolate concoction in the bowl in his hand. Dominic grinned as a bit slipped out of Orlando’s mouth just has he had hoped it would. Dominic leaned forward and licked the chocolate off the corner of Orlando’s mouth just has that slick pink tongue of Orlando’s was swiping at it.

Their tongues met and Orlando’s eyes, which had been closed for
keeping-his-cock-from-getting-turned-on reasons, shot open and stared as Dominic cleaned the corner of his mouth softly before sucking the chocolate taste off his tongue. Orlando gasped.

Dominic sat back and nearly fell off the bed. Orlando grabbed his hips, keeping him from a nasty spill. Dominic had turned red. “I’m sorry...Orlando...I overstepped a boundary I think.”

Orlando chuckled. “It’s okay, Dom. And please, call me Orli?”

Dominic nodded and went to move out of Orlando’s lap. “You can stay there...”

Dominic starred at him. “You sure?”

“I wouldn’t have said you could stay if I was sure, don’t be daft.”


“It’s okay.”

“So you’ve had sex?”

Orlando nodded. “That I have.”

“Hmmm, and it wasn’t any good?”


“That’s odd mate. Two girls and it wasn’t any good?”

“Two girls and neither were good.”

“Hmm, that sucks.”

Orlando shrugged. “Only been with two girls?”


This time Dominic’s eyes opened wide. “What?”

Dominic set the bowl down on the night stand and starred at Orlando, waiting for whatever juicy secret was waiting behind those beautiful lips and big brown eyes for him. “Well, um...Dom, there’s a reason...I didn’t want you to move is because...”

Dominic grinned. “You been with blokes before?”

Orlando nodded. “Yes...”


“You know that American kid...Elijah...”

Dominic started laughing and nearly fell off the bed. “Yes! I blew him in the locker room last week.”

Orlando’s eyes went wide. "You like blokes?!”

“Hell yes, Orlando. I was with three birds and it was possibly the worst experiences ever.”

Orlando chuckled. “Well, now what do we do...”

“Who was the first bloke you were with?”

“Artist. Name of Viggo. You?”


“Know him?”

“Billy’s on a DATE with him!”

“Damn, I guess it is a small world.”

“Mate, it’s always been a small world in the gay community...”

Orlando nodded. “Who was yours?”


“Ohh...” Realization hit Orlando. “OH!”

Dominic laughed. “Yeah...he’s a sweetie of a Scot when he wants to be, but mean as hell when you piss him off.”

Orlando watched as Dominic slid down against him, slipping his body between his legs and laying his head against his shoulder. “You two aren’t dating?”

“Nope. He thinks I’m too young...wants me to play the field before I try and settle down...”


Orlando’s hand had instinctively started to caress Dominic’s back. This was the wrong end of the spectrum. He was supposed to be laying on Dominic. He sighed and kept stroking Dominic’s back slowly.

“You a bottom, Orli?”


“So’s Bills...” Dominic chuckled.

Orlando chuckled with him, beginning to enjoy the feel of the smaller man against him. Dominic spoke again, breaking the blissful silence. “It wasn’t my intention to tell you I was gay Orli...”

“Wasn’t my intention to tell you either, Dom.”

Dominic nodded. They lay there in silence, listening as the minutes ticked by, slowly caressing one another’s warm skin. Dominic had one hand just underneath Orlando’s shirt, rubbing at his abdomen gently and Orlando had Dominic’s shirt lifted up and was caressing the small of his back.

Dominic sat up finally and stared into Orlando’s deep, chocolate eyes and leaned forward. Orlando sat perfectly still, like a submissive bottom, one who knew his place.
Dominic grinned and placed his lips against Orlando’s gently, curious to see how he tasted.

Dominic tasted the remnants of pizza and chocolate there. He broke the kiss and smiled. “What do you want to do now, Orli?”

“That...was a good idea.”

Dominic chuckled at him. “Seriously.”

“I was being serious.”

“I don’t want to go too far...Orlando...I...”

Orlando nodded. “Nothing wrong with kissing there?”

Dominic grinned and pressed his lips back to Orlando’s. The two of them kissed for a few minutes before sinking into the bed into a more comfortable position, on their sides facing each other. Dominic’s hands went into Orlando’s possessively and Orlando locked his arms around Dominic needily. Dominic smiled against his mouth.

Dominic pressed his top lip between Orlando’s lips and sucked at his bottom lip gently. Orlando kissed back, opening his lips slowly. Dominic shifted position and slipped his tongue slowly into Orlando’s mouth. His tongue dipped in and out and back in again, teasing the soft pink tongue of Orlando’s.


They dozed, kissing whenever they could, faces only inches apart. Orlando squirmed and groaned. “I need to jeans...they’re...”


Dominic grinned and ground against him and then let him go. “Bloody cock tease...” Orlando muttered as he went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of sweats. He came back and pulled his T-shirt off, sliding back into bed where Dominic had already stripped himself of his own T-shirt.

Dominic pulled Orlando back to him. “You’re bigger than me.”

Orlando laughed. “Sorry, not my fault you’re a...hobbit!”

“What the hell’s a hobbit?”

“You’ve never read The Hobbit?”


“Lord of the Rings trilogy?”


“You’re weird. Hobbit.”

“What the hell...”

“Hobbits are short people with hairy feet” Dominic kicked him “...Ow! And they eat alot...ow! And they...”

“You can stop right there Bloom and go to sleep.”

Dominic flipped over and went to one side of the bed, trying to get away from Orlando. “Aww...did I hurt the hobbit’s feelings?”

“Bugger off.”

Orlando’s arm draped over Dominic’s middle, pulling him close. He pressed his lips to the nape of his neck and nuzzled into the hair there. “Oh come on, being a hobbit isn’t a bad thing...”

“And what would you be Bloom?”

“I don’t know...the novels float around Hobbits, Humans, Dwarves and Elves...”

“That’s the one. Elf.”


“You’re too pretty to be a Dwarf or a Human and apparently too tall to be a Hobbit. You’re a pretty-boy-bow-and-arrow elf.”

Orlando huffed against him and loosened his grip as Dominic rolled over and cuddled into him. Dominic’s mouth found a home against Orlando’s neck, licking, biting and sucking. Orlando moaned and shifted slightly under the assault. Dominic clung to him, sucking at his neck like he needed the salty taste to live.

Orlando stroked the back of his hair, moaning softly. A sound came from the doorway.


Dominic jumped and sheepishly looked over at Billy. “Hey Bills.”

“Am I interrupting?”

“What do you think?”

Dominic had a big cheesy grin on his face. Billy rolled his eyes. “Want the door shut?”

“If you don’t mind...”

“Be careful, Dominic.”

Billy shut the door and Dominic turned to Orlando, slightly embarrassed. “Sorry about that...”

Orlando shrugged. “It’s all right.”

“Let’s go ahead and go to sleep...we gotta do German tomorrow.”

“Bah! Let’s makeout instead.”

Dominic leaned over and turned out the light. “Sleep.”



Orlando woke up slightly groggy, confused as to where he was and who he was cuddling. He opened his eyes and rubbed his face against the bare skin that was under it and yawned slightly. “Good morning, Orlando.”

Orlando grinned at the accent that greeted him and snuggled closer, glad that he was allowed to do so. “Goomoring” was his response. Dominic arched an eyebrow and chuckled.

“Still sleepy?”

Orlando nodded and ran one hand down Dominic’s torso. Dominic put a hand beneath Orlando’s chin and lifted his head. He leaned down and pressed his lips softly to Orlando’s. Orlando smiled and pushed his head into Dominic’s neck. Dominic chuckled. “Stop, stop that tickles.”

Orlando laughed and then stared at him. “You’re very nice Dominic. Possibly one of the nicest guys I’ve ever liked.”

“You’re trying to butter me up so that I’ll forget you need German lessons.”


“Breakfast, showers and then German.”

“How about...breakfast, a shower and then...snuggling and making out?”

Dominic chuckled. “Fine, Breakfast, a shower and then...German.






Dominic smothered him with a kiss, kissing him until he found it hard to breathe. Orlando clutched him, not wanting him to stop. Dominic grinned when he broke the kiss, “Yeah, but you still like me.”


After breakfast and a quick shared shower they sat down on Dominic’s bed, German books opened between them. Dominic said a word and looked at Orlando for the repeat. He said it wrong. Dominic sighed. “Why can’t you get this?”

“I don’t know. Why won’t you make out with me?”

“Would you stop thinking about sex?”

Orlando sighed and tried again. Thirty minutes later they had only gotten Orlando to speak three words successfully in German, and he couldn’t even tell you what those were. Dominic sighed. “This is hopeless, Orli.”

Orlando looked away dejected. “Told you. I’ll never get German.”

“Orli, sweetie, you lack focus.”

Dominic sighed and sat there thinking. Suddenly an idea hit him. He grinned. “Orli...give me the formal version of ‘you’ in German.”

Orlando thought, seriously thought for several minutes. Finally Dominic crawled over to him and pressed his lips to one of Orli’s cheeks. “Try again, Orli.”

“How am I supposed to do this with you driving me crazy?”

“Try it.”

Dominic’s muscled arms pinned Orlando to the bed with a strength Orlando didn’t know he possessed. Orlando squirmed. Dominic brushed his lips gently over Orlando’s. “Formal
version of ‘you’ in German, Orlando.”

Orli whined. “It’s ‘Sie’’s ‘Sie’”

Orlando’s pleas were stilled as Dominic pressed his lips to Orlando’s and kissed him. “See you know this...I just have to give you the right incentive...”

Orlando growled when Dominic wouldn’t let him go. “Informal.”

“I don’t know! Stop being a fuckin’ tease!”

“Give me the informal, Orlando Bloom, or so help me you’ll regret it.”

Orlando stopped squirming and stared at Dominic and finally spat out, “’Dich’?”

Dominic grinned and kissed him again, slipping his tongue past his lips. Orlando kissed back, beginning to get the hang of get-it-right-and-get-a-reward. Dominic pulled away and smiled at him. “Possessive form of you, ‘your.’”

Orlando bit his lip, anticipating Dominic’s next move. “Formal or informal?”


“ it ‘Ihr’?”

Dominic grinned and kissed Orlando again, freeing one of his hands and tangling a hand in his hair. Dominic sucked Orlando’s bottom lip as he pulled away. “Informal.”

“Oh ‘du..bist’?”

Dominic pinned him against the bed. “That’s informal ‘you are.’ Try again.”

“Oh geez, um, uh, ‘dein’?

Dominic got a big silly grin on his face and released Orlando again and started to kiss a small trail over his jaw. “Formal ‘you are.’”

Dominic’s tongue teased over Orlando’s jaw and to his ear. He flicked it. “Now Orlando.”

“’Sie sind.’”

The last word came out in a strangled cry as Dominic bit down on his throat roughly. Dominic let go of his other hand replaced his mouth with his hand. He pushed lightly, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to cut off a slight amount of air supply. “Formal ‘I’.”

Orlando squirmed, gripping Dominic’s sides. “’Ich!’...but it’s both formal and informal.”

Dominic grinned at him. “You learn fast, Schöne Liebe.”

Dominic gave Orlando soft kisses all along his face and neck. He pulled his shirt off. He showered Orlando with kisses as Orlando slowly began to learn various German words and praises that Dominic bestowed upon him. Dominic got stripped Orlando and kissed him roughly. Dominic ground his denim covered hard on against Orlando’s bare one, delighting in the gasping choking breaths that he gave in response.

Dominic smiled. “If you can tell me what ‘Schöne Liebe’, what I’ve been calling you, means...I’ll give into you Schöne Kreatur.”

Orlando kept grinding against Dominic, groaning and begging for him to stop teasing. “Translate it, Orlando.”

Dominic pulled away from him, keeping him pinned against the mattress. “ love. That’s love. Oh god...” Orlando tried to push up “...have we learned ‘Schöne’?”

“Nope...but I gave you a”

Orlando’s lust filled, needy brown eyes stared up at Dominic’s calm blue-grays. They had turned almost dark murky navy, but were still insanely calm. Orlando searched his eyes and then gasped as teeth connected with the skin on his collarbone and left a harsh, red mark.

Orlando gasped out, “Beautiful! Beautiful’ve been calling me ‘beautiful one.’”

Dominic grinned and released Orlando from his grasp, letting Orlando kiss and paw at him, peeling his clothes away needily. Orlando pressed kisses over Dominic’s neck and then bit down on one of his ears. “Thank you...for helping me Dominic...”

Dominic nodded and stroked his hair. “It’s no problem, Schöne Lieb, no problem.”

Orlando pulled Dominic on top of him and watched as Dominic reached in his night stand, pulling out a bottle of lube and a foil package. He set them down next to Orlando and started kissing him, passionately. Orlando lifted his legs up for Dominic and watched as Dominic lubed two of his fingers before slipping one of them into Orlando, his eyes trained on Orli’s waiting for a sign if anything went wrong.

Orlando grimaced as Dominic’s finger slipped into his body, slowly pushing past the muscle. Dominic grinned when Orlando moved and slid the second finger in, stilling his movements. Orlando’s mouth was open around soft sounds, English and German words. Dominic leaned forward, his two fingers pushed up to the second knuckle, and kissed Orlando. Orlando groaned into his mouth, wordlessly begging for more.

Dominic moved the two fingers slowly and moved his mouth from Orlando’s to one of his hips. He bit down, his fingers twisting and hitting the right spot. Orlando gasped and
pushed to him, his mouth and brain trying to form words that his throat wouldn’t let be released. Dominic moved his mouth to Orlando’s cock, swallowing him slowly down into his throat and slipping a third finger in, Orlando never even noticed as the three fingers slipped deep into him. His brain was trying to wrap around the fact that he was being swallowed by Dominic.

Dominic finally released him and slid his fingers out. He grabbed the condom and made quick work of the package, rolling the condom down on himself. He lifted one of Orlando’s sweat covered thighs up to his hip, grinning when Orlando obediently lifted the other.

Dominic guided just the head of his own cock into Orlando, gasping at the tightness of it. He fought with himself not to shove in, convincing himself that Orlando was not used to him like Billy was. Orlando reached up and pulled him down, kissing him. Dominic realized Orlando tasted gloriously. He tasted of sweat and soap and toothpaste and something uniquely Orlando. He took his hand and grabbed Orlando’s cock, using the
liquid forming at the tip to help with his movements, squeezing occasionally.

Once he had Orlando distracted he pushed in deeper, his whole cock easily sinking into the beautiful man beneath him. Orlando’s head leaned up and caught the pulsing vein in
Dominic’s neck between his lips. He sucked at it, feeling the pulse of Dominic’s blood. Dominic groaned and started to pull out slowly.

Then the burn hit Orlando, when had Dominic sunk in all the way? He groaned and gripped Dominic tight as he could. Dominic pushed slowly back in, still steadily stroking Orlando. He started to stroke Orlando in time with his pushing. Orlando moaned and Dominic pulled his neck out of Orlando’s reach. “Wanna watch you, love...”

Orlando pushed his head back against the pillow and formed words with no sound. He gasped and pushed towards Dominic, needing more, didn’t want to lose contact with Dominic. Dominic watched the beads of sweat form on Orli’s forehead, watched as they slid down his temples and into the mane of hair beneath him. Dominic leaned forward, stopping all movement despite the moans of protest and the writhing beneath him to lick a small trail of sweat off of Orlando’s face.

Orlando whimpered. “Don’t stop...Don’t stop...”

He kept murmuring it over and over, occasionally slipping into German. Dominic chuckled against Orlando’s sweat-slick neck and started moving again. He slipped almost all the way out and shoved in hard. Orlando cried out and clawed his back, begging and whimpering. “That’s it my beautiful one, that’s it...”

Dominic kept a unique tempo. Slow, slow, slow, pull almost out, hard and fast, slow, slow, start the whole process over again. The hand that was wrapped around Orlando’s cock picked up a different rhythm. Slow, slow, slow, slow, fast, fast, squeeze, slow, slow, slow, start over again. Orlando began to beg Dominic to stop teasing him. Dominic reveled in every plea, almost letting Orlando come and then pulling his hand away.

Finally Dominic completely released Orlando and laid against him, a hand on either side of his head, and steadily pushed at a steady pace. A steady, medium pace. The only sounds were that of Dominic’s choked panting in Orlando’s ear, their sweat slick body’s making noises as they slipped against each other. Orlando whimpered right next to Dominic’s ear, making soft begging noises as he licked the sweat off of Dominic’s neck.

Orlando rubbed his cock against Dominic’s stomach at an insane pace, pushing up as Dominic pulled out and then down as he slipped back in, pushing him deeper and right against his prostate, still begging for more.

Finally, as if the praises the two were bestowing upon deities had been answered, Orlando came, squeezing around Dominic hard. Dominic gasped and picked up his pace, his hands pushing him up on the bed and slamming into Orlando hard. Orlando was resting as much as he could under Dominic, eyes closed and one hand against his face, pushing at his hair. Dominic released and collapsed against Orlando, too afraid to move.

Orlando held Dominic loosely, both of them fighting to gain some air. Once they caught their breaths Orlando murmured into Dominic’s hair. “You’re hired as my German teacher...assuming that’s in the lesson every time.”

Dominic grinned and whispered against the soft brown hair, “Or something similar?”

“Or something similar...”

“Well lets get cleaned up...we gotta start conjugation of verbs next.”

Orlando sighed as Dominic slipped out and pried away, discard the condom and drug him up and into the bathroom where he put him in a hot tub of water that someone had ran. “What...”

Dominic chuckled and slipped in behind him. “Shh...Orli, watch the tv...”

On the television Orlando watched what had just happened. Orlando gasped and Dominic stroked Orlando’s chest chuckling against him.
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