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Cure (BB/DM, AU, NC-17)

Title: Cure
Author: Shirasade
Website: Poking Badgers with Spoons, shirasade_fic
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Pairing: BB/DM
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU. Slash warnings, meaning m/m relationships. Don't like, don't read please.
Disclaimer: Since Billy Boyd is NOT a psychiatrist, and Dominic Monaghan NOT his patient, we can safely assume that this is all made up.
Note: Written for the Monaboyd flashfic challenge, for owl_at_the_moon. My instructions:
Rating: NC-17. Required: 1. Ink blots. 2. A phobia. Suggestions: basically, an AU story with Billy as the psychiatrist and Dom as his patient.
I hope I did not disappoint, as I had some problems getting started. Plus, as usual with me, this needs a big fat SAP WARNING!
Beta: Many thanks to thuri, maidenvixen, and aelane -- all mistakes or suckiness left are totally mine!

Sometimes Billy thought he was the crazy one.
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