JDH (domhobbitzes) wrote in lotrporn,

Photo Sessions BB/DM NC-17

Title: Photo Sessions
Pairing: Billy/Dominic
Rating: NC-17
Warning: CCS (Casual Couch Sex)
Summary: Billy and Dominic have some photo shoots to support the films.
Author's note: This is for kiltsandlollies because I was killing her with this, this, and this, which then sparked a fat little bunny but she said I had to write it. So this is my lame ass attempt.
Author's note 2: Within this fic is the first time (and them some) that I have used the c-word. Please forgive me if it is too inappropriate, I'm new with this rather harsh word but I needed to expand my vocabulary for male genitalia.
Author's note 3: Thank you to beizy for the beta.

Billy walks into the room and stops dead in his tracks
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