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My Longest Story Yet

Title: Lessons
Author: desire_billy
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Some violence in the begining. Heavy sex throughout.
Feedback: Please
Summary: Dom makes mistakes.


Why was Billy being such a damn pain today?! Dom had had a long day of re-shots and just wanted a beer and silence. As soon as he had hit their front door Billy started with the questions. Dom kept walking into the kitchen, but Billy followed him.

Where had he been all day, who was there, why didn’t they need re-shots of Pippin?

“Well I guess I’m not as good an actor as you Mr. Boyd. Peter needed something different from Merry!” Dom shouted.

“Peter or Elijah?!” Billy shouted accusingly.

“What?! Where the fuck do you get those screwed up ideas in your head? Is this what happens to a man whose parents died on him too early?” As soon as he had said it, he regretted it. It took a lot to get Billy really pissed. But this was too much even for Dom.

Billy came at him so fast, Dom did not have time to react. Billy threw Dom up against the kitchen wall so hard the framed painting on the wall crashed to floor behind Dom shattering the glass into hundreds of pieces. As Dom looked down at the pieces of glass, Billy pushed him back against the wall with his right hand on Dom’s chest and his left forearm across Dom’s windpipe. Dom tried desperately to push Billy away, but Billy was just too strong fuelled by rage.

“Billy, God, man I’m sorry,” Dom managed to choke out as he pushed against Billy’s chest only to have Billy pull his forearm away from Dom’s throat in order to backhand him with all his might across the face. The blow knocked Dom onto the cold tile floor. He looked up at the man he loved only to see a man full of anger and hatred. In the past 7 months since they had met Dom had never seen this side of Billy.

“You go too fucking far Dom. I’m sick of your vicious come backs,” Billy was screaming at him as Dom just sat on the floor looking at Billy unable to form words only able to feel the sting on his face left there by Billy’s hand. “I have taken so much shit from you and I’m not going to anymore! No more hurtful words, no more silently sitting back while you play your games with Elijah! Do you hear me? NO MORE!” Billy turned and walked out of the kitchen, but not before he picked up a small framed picture of him and Dom and through across the kitchen shattering it against the refrigerator. Dom covered his head from the flying glass and cursed himself for being such a prick. He heard their bedroom door slam and more glass breaking from behind the door.

Dom knew he had an acid tongue when he and Billy fought. He knew he flirted too heavy in front of Billy. He also knew that Billy had seen him kissing Elijah a few months ago but never said anything. Dom HAD kissed Elijah, but only the one time, but that was enough to destroy Billy’s trust in him.

Billy had lost both parents at a young age and had only talked to Dom about how this had affected him. Billy had trusted Dom with this; his deepest and most painful emotion. Dom knew he had hurt Billy more just now with his words than Billy could ever have done to Dom by his hand.

Dom stood up amongst all the broken glass and sighed. He needed to go talk to Billy, but ….“Be a man,” he told himself. “Admit to Billy your faults. Tell him you love him and you will never hurt him again. Make yourself do this or you may lose him forever.” He starting walking down the hall towards the bedroom, but stopped. He leaned up against the wall as he felt tears starting to sting his eyes. “Billy deserves better,” he thought. “Billy deserves someone who will never again push him over the edge by being hurtful.” Dom wasn’t sure he could be that person. He turned and walked out the front door to go for a walk and clear his head.


Billy shook as he grasped at the cold marble vanity and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. However, he felt like he was looking at a stranger. The face was flushed, the eyes looked dark and the jaw was clenched. “What did I do?” As he closed his eyes all he could see was Dom’s face looking at him in horror. Dom was hurtful but he did not deserve that. “My God,” Billy thought, “I’ve never hit anyone before.” He had never even been in a fistfight. He was always the sensible one that walked away. Walked away like a good boy. He cringed at the words; good boy. “Be a good boy and don’t cry over things you have no control. Be a good boy and don’t rock the boat. Be a good boy and make everyone happy.” These things had been said to him for most of his life. Especially after losing his parents. He felt his heart ache with the familiar pain he had learned to repress. He thought of that cold day in February so many years ago. His teacher had called him out of the classroom and told him in a matter of fact tone that he was going to have to go home because his parents were dead and the rest of the family was making plans for his wellbeing. He remembered the shock of learning that he was going to live with a distant relative only to be sent to boarding school. Removed from anything familiar Billy had learned to repress all feelings and be “a good boy” and play by the rules. He learned how to make everyone around him happy with his talents of his voice and his acting. He learned that he was to make people happy, not the other way around. At least until he met Dom.

Billy sat on the bed as he recalled their first meeting. Billy was walking behind Peter after meeting Orlando and Viggo. They were taking him to “Hobbit Central” as Elijah’s trailer was to be labeled weeks later. As Peter opened the door, music and laughter spilled out onto the visitors. Billy walked in and smiled at Elijah and Sean who were sitting on a couch with beers in their hands. Billy could see another figure at the end of the trailer with his back turned to the new comers. As Billy walked further into the trailer, and Elijah and Sean had greeted him with wide grins and hearty hellos, Dom turned and smiled at Billy. Billy’s world opened up with that first smile from Dom. Before him stood the man called Dom. Slightly taller than himself, younger and beautiful. Billy had never considered himself gay or even bi, and yet here he was having his breath taken away by the mere sight if this man. Dom swaggered up to Billy, slapped him on the back, handed him a beer and said, “Here I am Pip. Your Merry. Damn glad to meet you!” From that moment on Billy knew he was a changed man. Over the coming weeks he found himself lost in the feeling of being happy. Yes, that was it. He was happy. Dom had become a good friend, a best friend. A confidant; a brother in arms. He felt completely comfortable around him.

They would talk for hours about the smallest or sometimes even the darkest of things. Billy had never spoken to anyone about how he felt about losing his parents. Dom had listened to him that night Billy had gotten drunk and could not stop the flow of words and tears as he unloaded years of repressed anger and pain into Dom’s ears. The two had been at Billy’s flat having a few beers that turned into a few too many shots of whiskey. They had walked into Billy’s bedroom so Billy could show Dom a picture of his Dad when the tears began to flow. Billy has sat down on the end of his bed with his head in his hands as he told Dom the story. Dom sat next to Billy and put his arms around him. Billy remembered feeling safe in Dom’s arms. Dom had stroked Billy’s hair and kissed his forehead as he held him tight and swayed them back and forth listening to Billy’s words of anguish and tears. Dom listened and only spoke a few times to say how sorry he was and that it would all be ok. Billy had fallen asleep in Dom’s arms that night exhausted by the tears and the feeling of unburdening his heart. When Billy woke the next morning, Dom was leaning up against the headboard, but still had his arms tightly around Billy and his cheek resting on top of Billy’s head. Billy was curled up next to him with his cheek on Dom’s chest. Billy’s left hand resting on Dom’s stomach. Billy had lain there for a long time amazed at how close he felt to this man. Billy was also becoming aware that he did not want Dom to release his hold on him. Dom woke a few minutes later and instead of jumping away from Billy in a show of macho bullshit, he just tightened his hold on Billy and kissed the top of Billy’s head.

“Are you Ok, Bills?”

“Yeah, Dom, I’m better now. Thank you.” Billy looked up at Dom and they smiled at each other and got on with their day no more different than they would have had they spent the night playing pool or watching a movie. No weirdness, no pressure to be anything more than what they were. Best friends. Billy felt that the night he confided in Dom about his parents was the defining moment in their relationship. Dom had agreed with him after they had confided in each other days later their love for each other.

Billy got off the bed and began to pace and thinking of that first night he and Dom had spent exploring each other and expressing their love for one another through touch and words. That night had begun the same as most Friday nights they had spent together. After finally getting off the set and having feet removal they would go back to Billy’s flat and have a few well-earned beers. But this particular Friday Billy had a new appreciation for his friend. Billy had had a weight lifted from his mind and heart nights before. After getting all his feelings and fears concerning his parents out in the open, he felt like he could breathe better. Dom knew it too. They had been all smiles with each other all day and were now sitting on Billy’s couch drinking and contemplating their next move.

“Want to go to the Pub?” Dom had asked.

“Not really,” Billy replied, “I’m quite satisfied right where I am.” The smile on Dom’s face was not one that Billy had ever seen. Something in his eyes was different. Dom just sat there looking into Billy’s eyes. Billy couldn’t help but look back. So many things went through Billy’s mind at that moment. The knowledge that here was a man Billy honestly cared for; the knowledge that here was a man Billy had opened himself up to; the knowledge that here was the man that held him all night just a few nights ago, and the knowledge that Billy wanted to feel Dom’s arms around him again. Now. He wanted Dom to wrap himself around him and make his world safe and warm again.

Dom stood up and moved over to sit right next to Billy. He never took his eyes off him as he took Billy’s beer and sat it on the table with his own. Billy opened his mouth to ask Dom what he was doing but suddenly felt as if his breath had been taken away. Billy could hear that Dom’s breathing had slightly quickened. Dom took Billy’s hand in his as he closed his eyes and raised Billy’s fingers to his lips and softly kissed them.

The memory of this tugged at Billy’s stomach. Billy could not help but think of how that night how progressed.

Billy sat there watching Dom’s lips kiss his fingers and wanting so much more. “Oh, God, Dom, yes.” Billy’s heart raced and he felt the heat in his body rise. He started to breathe heavier as Dom opened his eyes and looked at Billy. Billy raised his other hand and placed it on Dom’s cheek. Again, Dom closed his eyes as a low moan escaped his lips and he placed Billy’s hand on his chest. Billy could feel Dom’s heart pounding.

“Dom, I ….” Billy didn’t know what to say. There were so many things he wanted to say. Needed to say, but he couldn’t think straight. He felt like he was floating and being pulled into Dom at the same time.

Dom opened his eyes and said, “Billy I know neither one of us expected this, but I can’t help myself. “ His voice was so low and sexy it made Billy’s toes curl. “After the other night I have not been able to think of anything but how good it felt to have you in my arms. The smell of your cologne, the softness of your skin. I have never felt this way about another man, hell I don’t think I’ve ever felt this strong about a woman.” Dom leaned closer to Billy and placed his hands on Billy’s shoulders; his right thumb stroking Billy’s collarbone. This sent a chill up and down Billy’s back like nothing else ever had before.

“Dom, it felt so good the other night to be in your arms. So right. I want that again. I want to feel you next to me. Oh, Dom.” Billy placed one arm around Dom’s waist and the other hand behind Dom’s head. He pulled Dom into him. Their lips touched and they both drew in air. Dom’s lips were so soft. Dom leaned into Billy more so their kiss could deepen. Dom’s tongue licked Billy’s upper lip before it searched deeper into Billy’s mouth for more. Billy laid back onto the couch as Dom’s body weight began to push into him. Billy’s hands ran up and down Dom’s back as Dom’s hands explored Billy’s chest. Their kiss broke off when a loud groan escaped Billy’s lips and his head pushed back into the sofa. Dom’s voice was so damn sexy as he told Billy, “I want you. I want to touch your entire body with my lips. I want to make you moan and beg me for more. Billy…say my name.”

Billy was on fire. “Dom. Dom.”

“Billy, I need this.” Dom’s hand had traveled down to Billy’s pants. He was rubbing his finger just under Billy’s waistband. Billy arched his hips up towards Dom. Billy could feel Dom’s erection pushing into his thigh. He wanted to touch it, but Dom was lying on top of him. Suddenly Dom pushed his palm over Billy’s cock forcing Billy to take a deep breath. “Do it Dom, do it. Touch me. Taste me.”

Billy had not thought of his first night with Dom in a long time. He wondered why. He could feel his erection getting stronger . He wished Dom were there now. He wished he could apologize and hold him. Billy’s hand began to stroke his belly as he lay on the bed to remember more about that first night.

Dom had taken Billy’s hand and led him into his bedroom. Their hands were exploring each other now. Billy couldn’t remember who took what off whom, but he remembered the two of them naked and falling onto the bed with Billy landing on top of Dom. Dom’s erection was so beautiful. So straight and throbbing with lust. Billy leaned down to kiss Dom and their cocks touched. Billy has always thought that was one of the most erotic moments in his life. Their hips moved together as they kissed. Billy kissed Dom with such fury. He wanted to be closer to Dom. He wanted to be one with him. He wanted to make Dom squirm with pleasure. Dom moved his head to the side so he could nip at Billy’s ear.

“Yes Billy, fuck me. Fuck me. I want you.” God his voice was hot, Billy remembered. So low and gruff. Billy lowered himself so he could kiss Dom’s cock. Billy used both hands to stroke Dom as he licked the tip of his cock. It tasted so damn good. Dom writhed around on the bed unable to control himself. Billy took all of Dom in his mouth . He cupped Dom’s balls with one hand and with the other he played with Dom’s nipples. All Dom could do was moan and say Billy’s name over and over.

“Billy, Billy, Billy.” Dom’s hands were in Billy’s hair. He was thrusting his cock in and out of Billy’s mouth. Billy was amazed how good this felt. He had been on the other side of this many times with women, but he had no idea it felt so good to be on this side of the act. Dom came with such force and Billy swallowed everything.

Dom reached down and took Billy by the shoulders and forced him down on the bed. He started kissing and licking Billy’s neck. “Dom, now you say my name. Say it now.”

“Billy. Oh my Billy.” Dom’s hand was traveling down Billy’s chest but not before rubbing his nipples giving Billy chill bumps. Then Dom’s hand surrounded Billy’s erection. He stroked it up and down. Up and down. He gripped it tightly and moved his hand just over the head spreading the pre cum all over Billy’s cock. Billy arched his back and moaned over and over. Dom continued to say Billy’s name. Billy was in heaven. He had never felt so hot.

As Billy lay on his and Dom’s bed thinking of this first lovemaking session with Dom, his hand slowly went down his stomach and under the waistband of his shorts. Just remembering Dom’s voice was making his cock throb. He rubbed the palm of his hand over just the head of his cock feeling the warm liquid that had made it’s way there. Next he remembered how Dom had taken him completely that night.

Dom had rolled Billy over so he was on his stomach. Billy lifted his hips slightly. Dom knelt on the floor behind Billy. Dom cupped Billy’s balls in his hands. He then began to lick them. Taking them into his mouth one at a time. “God Dom! You’re driving me crazy.” Billy heard Dom moan and felt Dom’s hand reach around his waist and grasp his cock. Dom’s tongue slid up from Billy’s balls and circled the muscles around Billy’s ass. Billy could feel Dom pressing his tongue inside of him.

“Fuck me Dom, do it. Please I want you inside me. Now, Dom, now.”

Billy felt Dom’s tongue leave his body and felt Dom’s hands on his hips. Dom was rubbing his cock over Billy’s ass. Billy was rocking back and forth in rhythm with Dom. Dom was running his hands over Billy’s back. Slowly, ever so slowly Dom pushed into Billy. Billy let out a yell of pure pleasure. Dom moved faster and faster. He reached around Billy and began to stroke his cock. Up and down. Up and down. As Dom’s thrusting got faster so did his hands on Billy’s erection.

“Dom my love. I’m yours, dear God, I’m yours. Oh yes. Feels so good.” Billy came as Dom was thrusting deeper inside him. Dom pulled out of Billy and came all over his back. Moaning and saying, “Billy, oh fuck, Billy. You are mine. No one will ever have you but me. No one but me”

Billy was now stroking himself fast and cupping his balls as he visualized the scene. He came with such a shudder he could have sworn he was experiencing Dom for the first time again.

Dom and Billy had lain on the bed together that first night holding each other so tightly as if they were afraid if they let go the other would disappear. “I love you Billy. I really do. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says. I love you and want to be with you always.”

“I’m yours Dom. I’ve always known that. I love you.”

Billy lay on their bed thinking of Dom. Where was he? Billy smiled and chuckled to himself feeling naughty that he had just gotten himself off. He really did love Dom. Why did Dom have to be such a jerk sometimes?

Suddenly he remembered the day he saw Dom kissing Elijah. Why had he never confronted Dom with that? Don’t rock the boat. Be a good boy. Oh right. That’s why. Dom had seen Billy watching him and Elijah. Billy had been walking to his trailer when he heard giggling coming from behind another trailer. He recognized it as Elijah. Billy figured Orlando had cornered Elijah and was making him squirm like he was known to do. Billy thought it would be funny to surprise them. Afterall, how many times had they interrupted Billy and Dom and laughed? As Billy rounded the trailer he saw a pair of too familiar hands on Elijah’s hips. Dom was leaning against the trailer holding onto Elijah while he explored his mouth and lips with his tongue. Billy froze. His heart aching. In the midst of the kiss Dom opened his eyes and saw Billy standing there. Billy turned and ran to his trailer. It wasn’t long after that Dom entered. They exchanged looks, but before Dom could speak Billy said, “No, Dom, don’t.” and walked out. From that moment on they acted as if it never happened. Elijah had had enough sense to stay away from Billy for awhile.

Billy didn’t know if it had ever happened again, but he saw how Dom and Elijah flirted whenever they were together. Billy knew that Elijah was on set that day Dom had his re-shots. Billy wished he could trust Dom. Billy wished a lot of things when it came to Dom. He wished Dom wasn’t so inclined to be hurtful when they disagreed. He wished Dom didn’t find Elijah so amusing. But most of all right now he wished Dom was there with him now.


It was cold outside. Dom wished he had grabbed his coat before leaving his and Billy’s flat. He had no idea where he was headed. All he knew was that he had to figure some things out.

How could he be so callous with Billy? He knew how hard the death of Billy’s parents had been on Billy. Hell, he was probably the ONLY person who knew. God how Billy had cried the night he told Dom about it. Dom looked around and noticed he was at the park down from the flat. Dom sat on bench near the pond. He leaned back and closed his eyes as he remembered that night Billy told him about his parent’s death.

“Where’s the vodka in this place?”

“Dom, we just finished off a 12 pack. Do you really think we need vodka on top of that?”

Dom considered this, sighed and turned to look at his best friend. “You’re right. What we need is whiskey!!”

Billy laughed at this. Dom adored Billy’s laugh. Sometimes Dom found himself doing the silliest of things to make Billy laugh. Billy’s laugh could lift Dom up no matter what. If Billy had only laughed when Dom had come home tonight instead of accusing him of things!

Dom found a bottle of Jack Daniels in the back of Billy’s liquor cabinet. He set up two shot glasses on the counter and he and Billy proceeded to get way to drunk. Dom could not remember when or why the conversation turned to their parents. Dom was probably commenting on how much he resembled his father. He knew that Billy’s parents had died when Billy was young. He also knew Billy never said anymore than that. That is probably why he was so surprised when Billy wanted to show him a picture of his father.

He followed Billy into his bedroom where Billy had said he kept all his father’s pictures. Billy was standing in front of his closet thumbing through pictures as Dom looked out the bedroom window. Suddenly Dom heard Billy whimper with the sound of a wounded child. He turned to see Billy holding a picture and tears running down his face.

“Mate? What is it?”

Billy looked up at Dom with tears in his eyes. Those beautiful green eyes that Dom had always been so jealous of, were now glassed over and full of pain. Dom immediately went to Billy and put an arm around him and said, “Talk to me Billy. ” Billy sat on the edge of his bed and put his face in his hands and sobbed as he told Dom everything about losing his parents. About how cold the teacher had been when telling to go home, that his parents were gone. The anger of being sent away to a boarding school where he knew no one. About not having time to grieve.

Dom sat next to Billy and wrapped his arms around him holding him as tight as he could. Dom could only imagine what it had been like to lose both parents at such a young age. Both of Dom’s parents were alive and well. As the tears continued Billy began to shake. Dom remembered kissing Billy’s forehead telling him it was Ok to cry. At some point they had begun to sway slightly back in forth. Dom’s heart ached for Billy. Here was his best friend hurting and there was nothing he could do. Once Billy stopped crying they leaned against the headboard of Billy’s bed and held onto each other. Dom stroked Billy’s hair and kissed the top of his head. Billy laid there holding on to Dom saying, “Thank you Dom. I’ve never told anyone about that. Thank you for being here for me.”
“I’ll always be here for you Billy.”

The next morning when Dom woke, Billy was already awake, but was still holding onto Dom and Dom was still holding onto Billy with his head resting on top of Billy’s. Dom could still remember the smell of Billy’s cologne that filled his senses as he woke. He wasn’t sure Billy had realized he was awake so he stayed still wanting to hold Billy as long as he could. Finally he asked Billy if he was Ok. Billy had said he was. The next few days were no different than any other day. No, Dom thought, that isn’t true. He felt differently about Billy after that night. He felt closer to him. But he never felt weird or embarrassed about the way they had been towards each other that night. Dom knew there was something special about Billy. Billy was different than any of Dom’s other friends.

They could share things with each other than Dom would never dream of talking to Orlando or Lij about. Viggo was a good friend and Dom knew Viggo was deep enough to talk to anyone about anything, but Dom never felt the urge to share with Viggo. Not the way he did with Billy.

From their first meeting Dom felt something for Billy he had never felt before for anyone. Neither man nor woman. Their first meeting had been in Hobbit Central the day Billy arrived on set. He was the last Hobbit to arrive. Dom had been nervous about meeting him. He knew they would be spending a lot of set time together and that Merry and Pippin had a special relationship. Dom wanted to be to portray that on screen by having a close friendship with the actor Billy Boyd. As soon as he turned around that fateful day in the trailer and saw Billy he knew everything was going to work out. Before Billy even said a word he felt a connection with him. He handed Billy a beer and welcomed him into his life.

Dom remembered the night he told Billy of his feelings. He was so nervous. What if Billy thought he was a freak? What if he lost Billy forever if he told him? No, he would stay friends with Billy. He couldn’t chance losing him. That Friday had been tough. He couldn’t wait to get those damn feet off and have a beer at Billy’s.

Once at Billy’s flat they sat on the couch and drank in silence for awhile. He had asked Billy if he wanted to go to the pub. Billy has said no that he was happy right where he was. Right where he was. Those words sounded so good to Dom. Right where he was. With Dom. Only Dom. Dom took a deep breath and looked into Billy’s eyes. Oh, Billy’s eyes. He could get lost in those beautiful pools of green. He noticed that Billy was looking into his eyes. There was a new twinkle to Billy’s eyes that he had not noticed before.

Dom stood up to walk over to Billy. “What are you doing?” his mind screamed. I need him, Dom thought. He needs me too. Look at him. He wants me too. Dom sat next to Billy and took his beer away from him and put on the table with his. Billy started to say something but stopped as Dom took Billy’s hand and started kissing his fingers. It felt so right so damns good. “Oh, God, Dom, yes.” Billy said.

Dom started to breathe heavier as he opened his eyes to look at Billy. My God he was gorgeous. Billy raised his other hand and placed it on Dom’s cheek. Again, Dom closed his eyes as a low moan escaped his lips and he placed Billy’s hand on his chest. Dom’s heart was pounding so hard he felt it might leap out of his chest.

Again, Billy tried to say something but stopped. Dom felt like he had to say something, quick. He told Billy how that night the held each other had affected him. Told him how good he felt against him, how good he smelt. Dom could still smell that cologne. He felt his cock getting hard. Dom smiled at himself as he sat there alone in the dark thinking of his boyfriend and getting a hard on.

Billy had told Dom how he wanted to be in his arms again. Billy then pulled him close and kissed him. Dom had never felt so happy. Billy’s lips were so sweet. Dom could taste the beer on Billy’s tongue and he wanted more. He pushed Billy down into the sofa with all his weight. He wanted to so close to Billy. He wanted to touch Billy. He started to run his hands over Billy’s chest. Oh how he had wanted to touch Billy’s chest. Dom remembered the first time he saw Billy’s bare chest. They had only known each other a few days when they were getting into their hobbit outfits one day in their trailer. Dom was rambling about something. God only knows what now. He just happened to look up and saw Billy taking off his t-shirt. The hair on his chest looked like silk. Dom was surprised at how strong the urge was to touch it. Well, here he was laying on top of Billy with his hands up Billy’s shirt feeling that silky hair. Billy began to moan at this.

Dom told Billy how much he wanted him. How he wanted to taste him; touch his entire body with his lips. “I want to make you moan and beg me for more. Billy…say my name.” He begged.

“Dom. Dom”. Oh God it sounded so good. Never had his name sounded so fucking good. “Billy I need this.” Dom wanted to feel Billy. He had been teasing himself with touching Billy’s stomach just under his waistband. Dom could take no more. He had to touch Billy. He rubbed his palm against Billy’s erection.

“Do it Dom, do it. Touch me. Taste me.” Dom could hardly breathe when he heard Billy utter these words. He wants me. He wants me to feel him.

Dom realized he now really had a major hard-on remembering how Billy had responded to him that first night. He wanted to be with Billy. He wanted to touch Billy again. He desperately wanted Billy to touch him. Dom sat up and looked around. He was alone. Alone. Yes, he was alone. He didn’t want to be alone anymore. He damn sure didn’t want to be alone without Billy for the rest of his life. Billy had been so trusting of Dom that first night. Dom remembered lying on the bed with Billy on top of him. Somehow their clothes had found their way to the floor. Dom had felt such pride as Billy looked at Dom’s body. Specifically his erection. He watched Billy bite down on his bottom lip as he looked at Dom’s body. As Billy leaned down to kiss him their cocks touched. Dom smiled to himself. Billy had once told him that was quite possible the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him.

As Billy kissed him Dom had turned his head in order to kiss and bite Billy’s ear. He wanted Billy to touch him. Feel him. Now. Fuck me Billy. Fuck me,” he had said. Billy lowered himself to take Dom’s cock into his mouth. Mmmm, his mouth had been so hot and wet. Dom knew Billy had never done anything like before, but he knew just what to do to make Dom lose control.

“Billy, Billy, Billy.” Dom loved his balls touched, and Billy knew just how to touch them. Dom started to thrust in and out of Billy’s mouth. In and out. God his mouth was so warm. When he came Billy took it all. If that wasn’t love …. Dom had to have Billy. He had wanted to be so soft and tender with Billy but he was engorged with lust. He grabbed Billy by the shoulders and pressed against the mattress. He felt like some kind of vampire as he attacked Billy neck. Billy moaned though. My god he likes it!

“Say my name, Dom, say it now.”

“Billy, Oh my Billy.” Dom was now touching Billy’s chest again. It was so fucking soft. He began to squeeze Billy’s nipples making Billy squirm under his touch. Dom wanted to make Billy squirm more, but he was looking at Billy’s cock and had to touch it. Dom grasped Billy’s cock and pulled at it. Up and down. Up and down. God it was so big. Dom was amazed that for a small stature of a man Billy was hung like a friggin horse! He ran his palm over just the tip of Billy’s cock feeling the wetness there.

Dom could no longer take it. He wanted to know what it felt like to be inside Billy. He wanted to make Billy his. He turned Billy over onto his stomach. As Billy lay there he lifted his hips enough that Dom could see his balls. Instinctively Dom dropped to his knees behind Billy and began to suck on his balls. Billy really liked that. Dom grabbed Billy’s cock and began to jerk him off. Dom ran his tongue along Billy’s backside. He pushed his tongue into Billy. Billy moaned in great pleasure.

“Fuck me Dom, do it. Please I want you inside me. Now Dom, now.”

Dom stood up and placed his hands on either side of Billy’s hips. He started to caress Billy’s ass with his cock. Billy began to move with him. Dom grabbed his cock and began to push into Billy. He wanted to go slow as not to hurt Billy. Once he was in Billy cried out. Dom knew it was in pain, but the kind of pain you want more of. This only fueled Dom’s passion. He stroked Billy harder and faster wanting to make him come. Faster and faster Dom went; deeper and deeper. He could feel the sweat pouring down his body. It felt so hot and so damn good.

“Dom my love. I’m yours, dear God, I’m yours.” Dom pushed harder and harder. His hand grasped Billy’s cock tighter and he stroked just at the tip. Billy came with such a shutter Dom had to pull out. As he did though he came all over Billy’s back. Dom could remember telling Billy that no one would ever have him but him. He was his. Later that night they professed their love for each other. Dom had told Billy he wanted to be with him forever. Billy told Dom he had always known that he would belong to Dom.

Dom opened his eyes and stared out at the pond. It was a clear night and he could see the reflection of the full moon on the water. He had such an erection. He wanted to touch himself. What he really wanted was to go back to Billy and have Billy touch him, but he knew that wasn’t possible.

He stood up and began to walk around the pond trying to forget his stiff cock. Suddenly his thought wandered to how beautiful Billy was especially when he smiled. But then Dom had given Billy plenty not to smile about in the past. His heart tightened as he remembered the look on Billy’s face when he saw Dom kissing Elijah that day behind Sean’s trailer. God, he was such a fool. Elijah was a friend to them both. So what if he was young and vibrant and had eyes that could pull you in and make you forget how to breathe. Billy’s eyes were so much more. So much more knowing. So filled with love when he looked at Dom.

As Dom walked around the pond he felt the chill in the air cut through him. It had been cold that day he kissed Elijah. Dom was not working that but Billy was needed so Dom tagged along. Billy was working inside the warehouse where Treebeard was housed so Dom walked over to the warehouse where Sean and Elijah were filming close ups with Andy. Dom slipped in unnoticed and sat on a crate in the back watching. Elijah was and amazing actor. Before action was hollered and after cut rang into the air he was all smiles and laughter.

“Action.” Dom heard Peter say. Frodo was telling Sam he was so sorry for doubting him. In an instant Elijah went from laughter and twinkles in those big beautiful eyes to tears and quivering lips. That was what probably had struck Dom the most. Yes, Elijah had eyes do die for, but his mouth was… Well, Dom had found himself licking his own lips lost in thought of touching Elijah’s. Many times late at night after a night of overindulgence in alcohol, Dom watched Orlando kiss Elijah’s lips. Dom doubted that Orli or Elijah were gay. Just horny with an appreciation for beauty. Once it was known that Billy and Dom were a couple Dom had noticed a few more of his male costars getting closer to each other.

Elijah had a certain giggle whenever Orlando teased him. Dom and Billy had joked about it often, but deep down Dom knew he wanted to make Elijah giggle like that. Shortly after Elijah had finished their scene lunch was called. Elijah had looked up and spotted Dom. He smiled and waved as he ran over to meet him. Elijah never shook hands. No, he hugged. Some might have interpreted this as needy, but most thought in was endearing. This time though Dom thought Elijah had lingered a little too long has he wrapped his arms around Dom.

“Dom!” Elijah was saying into Dom’s ear, “What are you doing here? And without your partner in crime.” Elijah had stepped back but still had his hands on Dom’s shoulders.

“Billy boy is in with Treebeard. Peter wanted different angles of Pip. I thought I’d sit and watch a master at work.”

“Peter is great isn’t he?” Elijah smiled and let his hands fall.

“I wasn’t referring to Peter, Elijah.”

Dom looked at Elijah’s face become almost serious, but yet with a small smirk on his lips. “You are an amazing actor, Lij. You can just turn it on and off so fast.”

Elijah blushed and placed his right hand on Dom’s left forearm as he said, “Yes, well, we all have our particular talents. Don’t we? Walk with me to the lunch tent will you?”

They left the warehouse as started passing trailer after trailer making there way to the lunch tent. Dom looked at Elijah and asked, “What did you mean by that? Particular talents?”

Elijah giggles. Dom’s stomach flipped. That was the giggle. Dom’s cock instantly started to heat up. Elijah was looking down as they walked but he cut his eyes over to Dom and was looking at his through his Frodo bangs. “You should know by now. Talk about turning it on and off.”

Dom stopped walking and so did Elijah. They turned to look at each other. Dom took a deep breath and asked, “What are you going on about?”

“That. Right there Dom. Your voice. You can turn on the velvet when you want. You usually reserve that tone for Billy, but you’ve used on all of us. Don’t get me wrong, Dom, it’s nice. Low and throaty. I’m sure you wooed many a girl into the sheets by using that on them.” Elijah turned to walk away, but Dom grabbed his hand and pulled him behind the nearest trailer.

Dom had leaned up against the trailer and put his arms around Elijah’s waist and pulled him close. Elijah was giggling. God this made Dom’s cock throb. Using his most sultry of voices, Dom leaned into Elijah and said into his ear, “What do you mean Lij? This voice? The full of want and desire?” Elijah just giggled as Dom put his hands on Elijah’s hips and pulled him into his own hips. Elijah was looking into Dom’s eyes which made it very easy for Dom to place his lips on Elijah’s. More giggling. Dom closed his eyes as his tongue began to explore Elijah’s mouth. Elijah had wrapped his hands around the back of Dom’s head pulling him closer. Dom opened his eyes to look at Elijah, but all he saw was the hurt in Billy’s eyes. Dom and Elijah had not heard Billy coming. Dom cursed himself for letting Elijah giggle so load. Everyone knew what was going on when they heard that. Billy probably had thought he was going to catch Elijah and Orlando in a tryst.

Elijah still had his eyes closed when Dom said, “Shit, Billy. Billy wait.” Billy had turned and ran.

Elijah jumped as if he’d been hit by lightning. “Oh shit Dom. Shit.”

Dom ran after Billy and saw him entering his trailer. Dom took the steps up into the trail in one jump. He opened the door to see Billy leaning against the wall with tears running down his face. They stood like that for what seemed an eternity. Dom opened his mouth to tell Billy he was sorry, but Billy raised his hand and brushed past him out the door saying, “No Dom don’t.”

They never spoke of it again. Dom just kept his distance from Billy few a few days as did Elijah. Soon Billy was ok. Dom knew this was NOT the way to handle it, but he was so afraid he had lost Billy he didn’t want to chance it. He never kissed Elijah or anyone else other than Billy after that, but Billy was always suspicious.

Dom hung his head as he walked out of the park. He had to set things right with Billy. He loved him. Loved him more than anything. It was time for Dom to grow up and take responsibilities for his actions. Billy was his friend and his lover not his mental punching bag. Dom took a deep breath and headed back to their flat determined to what ever Billy wanted him to do to make things right.


Billy had begun to pace the floors wandering where Dom was. His first though was of Elijah, but he knew better. Deep in his heart he believed Dom when he had told him he only kissed Elijah that one time. Elijah had felt like such a bastard after being caught with Dom. He practically kissed Billy’s ass every time he was near. Billy finally had to tell Lij to chill out. Billy couldn’t stand the puppy dog eyes anymore.

Billy had walked over to the bedroom window that overlooked the front of the building. Being on the third floor gave him a full view of the street below. Suddenly he saw Dom. He was walking with his hands in his pockets, shivering from the cold and hanging his head in shame. “Fool,” Billy thought. Why was he outside with no coat? Billy turned and made his way to the front door waiting for Dom to appear.

“Jesus, I’m cold.” Dom thought. He had not realized just how cold until he entered the lobby of the building. He walked up to the elevator and sighed. He looked at himself in the reflection of the metal doors. “It’s now or never Dommie boy. You can make Billy happy. Don’t screw this up.”

He rode up the elevator realizing he had not thought of what exactly he was going to say to Billy. As the elevator doors opened he was thinking he would just storm in and start talking before Billy could say a word. He would tell Billy he was a fool, and to please let him love him the way he knew he could. Yes, that was the plan. Open the door talking. He took a deep breath and started walking towards their door.

Billy stood just inside the front door. He could hear the elevator doors opening then the familiar footsteps. He was going to tell Dom he was sorry. Things had to change, but he was not willing to give him up. Yes, he would just start talking before Dom even had a chance to say anything.

The door opened and both men opened their mouths but neither could say a word. They just stood there looking at each other. Then at the same time,

“Dommie I’m sorry.”

“Billy man, please forgive me…”

They both stopped and smiled. Dom closed the door and walked up to Billy placing his hands on either side of Billy’s face. Billy smiled at Dom, making Dom melt. Dom kissed Billy ever so softly, “Billy I love you.” This was the first time Dom had really noticed his voice dropping when he spoke to Billy. As he saw Billy lips begin to quiver and heard Billy’s breathing quicken, he guessed Lij was right. This was a talent. A talent he promised himself he would ONLY use on Billy. Their kiss deepened as their arms wrapped around each other.

“Dom, I love you. I’m so sorry about, well, before. I don’t where that came from. I just..”

Dom placed a finger on Billy’s lips to quiet him. “Billy, it’s my fault. I drove you to it. I’ll never do that again. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. In fact I walked around the park remembering our first night of lovemaking. Do you remember that night my love?”

Billy blushed and said, “Yes. Vividly.” Then he giggled.
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